Last night, I asked a question .. what is love?
When we do meet the love? and we can have many loves in our lives?
To the first question, I almost immediately found the answer, love is when you're surrounded by people you love unconditionally, and with which you feel happy, my niece, my best friends, my family .. love is air, travel example, is one of the things I love most to do, and I always try to travel as much as I can, be close to my niece step by step in its growth, help it grow, to have found someone with whom to share the joys, I have found someone able to give me the smile without making a joke, this is love ..
The second question, it is already a little more complicated, because once I was sure when I met the love, instead I now suspect that I've never actually met, or perhaps the only love that I've encountered is what ran away after I declared to him .. the fact is, that when I met the guy with red hair and green eyes, at first I thought I had found love .. .…

If traveling alone I am unlucky?

A few days ago, at work I spoke of my next trip to Paris .. I was thrilled, until a girl of 20 years, ask me .. but travels alone? what a sad thing..
What do you say???
I must admit that for a moment, his compassion, put me sad .. Then I came back to me .. I love to travel alone, I love to visit the city, see the museums, stop listening to the noise of the city .. I love be alone, find myself again .. listen to my thoughts, to understand what i want and what i feel .. it's the most beautiful thing in the world.
So I'm wondering why their twenties than now .. see us thirties so pitiful .. because so many twentysomethings, see life in a superficial way, and allow us to judge their thirties .. oh well I will reflect on this thing a few weeks the streets Paris..


In my life, I never had many friends, and after many disappointments, I was convinced that I surround myself with friends, it was crazy, because no one could love each other .. Then 2016 brought me two rays of sunshine in my life, two very special friends, without whom i would not be who i am now, because you friends, real ones, friends the sincere ones, giving new life to you, you give back the harmony, one that few can give you .. and considering that a few hours ago I was disgraced all, for my usual temper from nosy .. for my being tremendously feminist ... I realized that to make a friendship with a guy .. we must observe the basic rules:

1: YOU CAN BE A FRIEND OF MALE, provided that this does not feel any kind of feeling besides the emotional well.

2: you are a woman and he man, so you can never and I say never, it is impossible to be the same

3: trust the advice of your friends, because sometimes the boys know better also give tips for women, because they direct ..

4: NEVER not…


No , non è il nome del nuovo bra firmato Victoria's secret.. ma il nome del meraviglioso mascara firmato MAYBELLINE NEW YORK , l'ho comprato ed è stato amore a prima vista, rende le ciglia curve e ben definite, se steso bene, e passato più volte rende le ciglia super curvy e super lunghe..

provare per credere.


Oggi il mondo è pieno di blogger e aspiranti tali, una è quella che sta scrivendo, si anche io, ispirata anni fa, da una ragazza, italoamericana, che vive a tutto oggi a NewYork . La mitica Olivia Palermo, resa nota con il reality THE CITY, che parlava di quattro ragazze, tra cui lei, che era assistente presso una rivista , da li , il blog, le collaborazioni con i più importanti marchi, gli inviti per tutte le sfilate ..
Con il tempo ha fatto si che il suo stile diventasse unico, e anche se molte provano a copiarla.. beh di Olivia Palermo  ne esiste solo una e qui ho voluto raccogliere gli ultimi look della influencer più potente al mondo..


Febbraio è conosciuto , per le modaiole , come il mese della moda, New York  , London , Milan and Paris,  tutti i più grandi stilisti mondiali, presentano le loro collezioni, per la stagione autunno/inverno del prossimo anno. 
Ogni città ha organizzato come sempre i suoi eventi, i calendari e le sfilate erano visibili sul web, per chi come me non ha potuto partecipare di persona.. 

Gli street style delle influencer più famose al mondo , quelli che hanno fatto impazzire di più le riviste di moda, come quelli di Nicole Warne, meglio nota come Garypeppergirl , Chiara Ferragni e Emily Ratajkowski giusto per citarne alcune.. ad sfilata si è visto un revival degli stili già vissuti, come gli anni 80 e gli anni 90.
NewYork , lascia sempre di più il segno, infatti sulle passerelle newyorkesi , c'è stata finalmente la presenza di modelle curvy , vedi le collezioni di Michael Kors e Christian Siriano, molti stilisti hanno voluto dire la loro, sulla politica e sul neo eletto presidente degli st…


EVERYTHING! it is true .. I loved everything about this week's women's fashion, the collections for autumn / winter 2017-18.

The colors, the cuts, the signal sent by the designers, guests .. this Milan fashion week, is second only to that of New York.
And this from Italian, makes me almost proud, this year I lived even closer, rushing out to the theater halls and museums where they carried out the parades, and I must say that I like, stay there waiting models, journalists, actresses, see how they are dressed, to see their outfits and ask how they are dressed, who is the designer .. and they always answer them .. I did in New York in September, and I liked it, and I wanted to do in Milan .. and now remains one of my little obsessions, returning to talk of fashion week, or chosen for each fashion show followed online, a model, my favorite, and I'll describe them what I knew of the collections presented, and what I liked ..


Gucci, which as a big name, opened the fa…