1 ottobre 2014


This week, there was no talk about something else, only the marriage of the world's sexiest bachelor, Mr. George Clooney, and pretty lucky, the lawyer Amal Alamuddin, which has always had impeccable style but since a few days ago has become Mrs. Clooney, has every right in the ranking of the most stylish women on the planet, in what many were waiting for was to see the photos of the wedding, which was attended by invited as the queen of fashion Anna Wintour, just to see was dressed as a bride, and yesterday the tabloids to which Clooney has sold the wedding photos (and hopefully the proceeds to charity) proposed in the cover photo of the newlyweds, lovely, but the question that we all made ​​was .. by those who signed the wedding dress? wonder who created that? I had little doubt that it has been confirmed after a brief search, OSCAR DE LA RENTA has created this wonderful wedding dress for Ms. Clooney, so lucky twice, because she married the sexiest man in the world, and because her dress was designed by an exceptional artist, a master of elegance ..Oscar De La Renta 

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