19 ottobre 2014


When Princess Diana died, I was 11 years old, it was summer and I'm watching TV, I remember that all the news was talking about local, national, foreign, there was telegiornarnale that does not devote many words to the princess died in Paris, in the car while he was happy with his "lover", that squalid words, Diana was in search of love, and just because she compared to Prince Charles, had spared no hiding so I say coward, had been harshly criticized for its history with Dodi Al-Fayed, one that was not English, a bit like when he attended Dr. Hasnat Khan, the great love of his life, everything that Diana decided to do or say when she was alive, it was fine, it was a loose cannon, she was the shame of the royal family, but what Diana did for the whole world, what Diana was for her children, this has been talked about later, when she died, with suppressed tears of her children how can you ask for two boys aged 16 and 13 years of not mourn the dead mother, only the idea, it seems to me absurd, Diana was a beautiful person, and the fortune of the English people think it is that his sons, somiglini very she, William and Hanry are two very special boys worthy heirs of the people's princess, and it's nice to see that William, it is even more, that William has followed his heart, in all his choices, just like Diana .. and with the birth of the grandchildren of Princess Diana his memory will live forever..

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