24 ottobre 2014


There are things that women can not give up, how to have perfect hands, it is winter or summer, spring or fall. So all the houses of cosmetics, both famous as Dior or Chanel to name a few, or low cost as Pupa and Opi, again to name a few, have their seasonal collections, and so we can follow trends, obviously nail the colors are almost always the same .. often change names, and even those trends are almost always the same, fresh and bright colors for spring / summer and warm and dark for the autumn / Come enjoy the winter .. But there is always the dominant color, and if for this spring / summer just past was the coral, just started to fall, and winter arrives .. the color is GREY is just so, in all its shades is this pearl gray or dark gray, gray, not only for the glazes, but also for fashion in general is the new BLACK .. obviously for the girls like me who would wear dark maybe just shoes, quiet because there are red in all its shades I love amaranth this year .. or purple, you've seen revenge of chanel? fabulous .. or to remain in the low cost electric blue or brown matt Pupa I say divine what makes me mad most of all and the collection F / W Dior, ladies beautiful colors that make you want to do the manicure everyday. 
the nude mood, it is not a mood but the choice of color black nails nude color, in this case the best home cosmetics line that created the NUDE is that the OPI has created shades for all skin types .. that say more, except that there is plenty of choice .. now all glazes to buy ...

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