9 ottobre 2014


Each of us has a special place in  heart, mine is a city that has millions of people, hundreds of skyscrapers and a huge park in the heart of the city .. 
New York is the city of my heart, I have been there twice in the last year and a half, and already I can not wait to go back, the first time I can say that my mood was pure EUPHORIA, I finally fulfilled My dream as a child, I went to the place that I loved .. the second in May this year for my birthday, I wanted to celebrate at home, I wanted to live my NY, like a true New Yorker, for the most part I did, do not deny it, but there was nothing else to do I'll do for the next trip .. but I can say that if the first trip there was euphoria in the second there was pure happiness, to be able to return after a year in the same city, and it almost lived not as a tourist, but as a New Yorker, has made me happy, for a week I had my favorite bar for breakfast, my favorite newsstand, even my daily journal to read, everything was great, everything as I wanted, the only thing that I did was take an ice cream and stop at the center of time square at night with all the lights on, but what I will do in 2015 ..

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