31 ottobre 2014


their smiles .. are the most beautiful thing in the world .. to see a child in the third world, smile makes me realize how poor we are .. we that we get angry if you break your phone, that we can not live without computers, us that if we do not go out to dinner at least once a week, that we spend in front of a child with no shoes and no turn, does not help, a warning to us that Ebola in our country, black people look bad .. we have become a nation of materialists, we have become a nation of arrogant, we have become a nation of people that if you see one that is bad answers .. I'm worse .. What is most sad, is to know that in 2014, there are still words like third world, there are still wars that kill the children, there are still infectious diseases for which the rich are taken care of, and the poor die.. I admit that I am a materialist, who often buy unnecessary things, but the last two years feel less the weight of my way to be? because in my heart there are two wonderful children, Yonica of Haiti, and the small Youssef of sierra leone, place hard hit by the Ebola virus, what I mean is that if I have a salary worker can be for two years to help with a small gesture, two children, large heads, those who command, make sure that all those people, those children who need to live in dignity .. they are like our children .. 

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