20 aprile 2015


She trod the best boardwalks in the last twenty years, has been an angel of Victoria and has accalappiata one of the sexiest American champions under the glossy magazines, mother of two wonderful children, this week Giselle Budnchen has finally hung up his heels to the nail, to use a metaphor used when a champion retires, Giselle was perhaps the most genuine model, but also the highest paid, has been the face of many advertising campaigns, Giselle is also godmother Unicef, for poor children in Brazil, the Brazil his native land has seen to bid farewell to the catwalks .. who say we can not wait to see who will lead the television program?!? maybe, Brazilian next top model? and how many advertising campaigns will see protagonist .. for now Brava Giselle, you understand when to stop without any magazine had to highlight physical defects to make a fool ..

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