4 giugno 2015


today as every week I bought a bag of magazines, most fashionable, and all .. just all talking about the color of the season, if you buy one magazine can listen to him .. but I that I bought ten .. I think I have a huge problem now ..

Yes, because if everyone thinks the color of the season, have to listen to all becomes stressful ..
I love many of those colors, such as emerald green, or pink in all its shades
but also yellow, blue .. and every magazine he says one ..

So shopping is a must, and so after the fact in Florence yesterday .. it's up to online, you do not tell me, I have a closet full of clothes and bags but it's stronger than me .. you've already admitted long ago to have a problem of compulsive shopping ..so after a dress, a few pairs of shoes, bags and accessories, and are again without money ..
tomorrow begins my shopping diet, will be tough, a bit like trying to get rid of the habit of smoking, or other vices worse every day I score with the x and I see until I can stand and how I can put aside ...

stay tuned

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