6 settembre 2015


I started shopping after my first paycheck, eleven years ago, since then I have never stopped, you say, what interests me? what I write is that there are really sick of compulsive shopping, because when it becomes compulsive shopping, there's a reason .. a person never decide to become compulsive shopaholic unless you have money to burn, it is often linked to the lack of affection, sometimes after a day of hard work, put the computer to buy something, or go to the store to take even a necklace, or a mascara, he puts in a good mood , the problem is to deal with credit cards, and banks, which have to be welded punctually every month when I read the books of Kinsella, and I read them all, I reflected on the first, for which they made into a film, and I can say that I tried to freeze my credit card .. but having stored the codes of my paper, and served really little, are already four months, I say that I will go to the bank to hand over the paper, but then start shopping, and I can not stop this week .. I promise not to go shopping .. .. I hope to do in the meantime I think also pay my dues .. starts foil of no shopping until 31 May next year, my birthday .. i will succeed ?

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