10 settembre 2017


Traveling in the long and wide, knowing the world, the cultures of others, seeing the big cities, seeing the villages, knowing hundreds of people, knowing the world, and putting stamps on my passport at 31, I had to choose what I want more in life .. and I understand that in my future I see the world, I see around the world, without long ties .. you have to decide who you want to be to understand what you want .. so when I went to Greece, I looked around, and I noticed, on 10 people alone 7 are women, and not because women are hunting for more adventures than men (as many men say) but why a man traveling alone is synonymous with being defiant, so he prefers to travel in a group, but for us women is different, we do not go for adventure, we go for our freedom, we go to discover new places, stories from tell me, so I wonder who the real messed up in this case ..so have been my holidays, so I went to Greece, on the island of Kos, so I lived my summer vacation, in the spirit of fun, in the knowledge of the knowledge and also admire the after-work relax after work.Why be free to talk or talk to people, laugh at foolish jokes, make shopping, sit on a bench to hear the noise of the sea for an hour ... without having to give it to anyone .. the beautiful of traveling alone .. the boat trip, the dolphins, reading a book in the bow, waiting for the sunset on the sea.. the good thing to travel by yourself is just this .. and does not mean being defiant .. but be free.


a year ago .. at this time I was landing at #jfk I had my heart to a thousand .. arrived at the passport control I was going to go near a computer after I registered my passport, I head to the exit, still the last check. and then, the sun kissing my face, in front of me an expanse of yellow cabs, and in front of the bus that would take me to Times square .. I expect it to start, with me people from all over the world, I sit in front of the driver, a middle-aged African American, she asks me if she is my first time in NY, and I explain to her that it is my third trip, he comes home from me, tells me about the daughters and their desire to to travel and to know the world, are young dreamers just like you, he tells me. The super busy road allows you to look around, the suburban houses, the Queens bordering on almost all the super street and then ahead of us after the third bend, the world's most beautiful skyline, in the distance, the Empire, the Chrysler .. I'm at home .. my heart goes a thousand .. one of the few trips where I do not fix my cell phone, but I look at everything in detail ... we come from Queensbooro Bridge, we're in #Midtown, the heart goes to Mill. I arrived at my hotel, #millenniumplaza in front of me, a beautiful #timesquare inside and a very nice receptionist group welcomes me .. my room is on the 22nd floor .. fabulous view, time to do one shower denim t- shirt and camera, I'm 17.30, I come to the Rockefeller, #topoftherock awaits me, I pay the ticket, $ 18, and I start security check, my sorry makes sense to guards who are a tourist .. but not any one. I get to the top with the elevator .. the front doors open and me a window with a view on #empirestatebuilding a show .. I first go out on the terrace overlooking #centralpark, the view is gorgeous the heart really goes to thousand .. then I go to the other terrace .. and facing them me, Empire Chrysler Freedom Tower .. tears come down, I did it I'm here again, I'm home again .. I miss you #newYork and can not wait to go back .. #memoriesofatrip #newyorkstateofmind  

3 settembre 2017


Io sono sempre stata convinta ,  che l'anno abbia inizio a settembre e non a gennaio , perchè , dopo le vacanze si ricomincia di nuovo , si hanno dei nuovi propositi, e io che sono tornata solo ieri dalle ferie , ho iniziato a studiare per il mio nuovo look.. cosi oggi , sono andata a fare un giro nel grandissimo centro commerciale di Arese , in provincia di Milano,  a parte che è bellissimo e pieno pienissimo di negozi , di ogni genere, ma io sono andata solo per iniziare a dare un occhiata , ammetto che se non avessi avuto limiti economici  mi sarei data alla pazza gioia , ma  non ho potuto quindi ho "studiato" cercando i pezzi migliori per me , ho iniziato quindi da Pimkie , marchio che a me ha sempre stuzzicato curiosità ma non ero mai riuscita a trovare qualcosa della mia taglia , oggi sono entrata ed è stato amore a prima vista con le felpe..

e credeti ho anche trovato la taglia, mi sono guardata intorno, e ho notato come (e non solo qui) ci sia come colore predominante il rosso , mi sono piaciute molto anche le giacche in simil pelle , e i denim con stampe.
Uscita da qui,  sono passata a Zara, e gli anni 80' , con un pizzico di anni 70' sonoo tornati vivi più che mai, le giacche in pelle con le spalle larghe , le stampe , i pantaloni a vita alta, i dolcevita con la manica a tre quarti, e le stampe a floreali , tutto davvero bello.

Da H&M come al solito le collezioni sono sempre favolose, per anni ho contribuito ad aumentare il capitale del marchio facendo shopping tutte le domeniche , e anche durante avvolte, e a vedere la nuova collezione mi sono innamorata di molti pezzi , e non vedo l'ora di fare acquisti.. 

e infine , Primark , il marchio del quale mi sono innamorata a londra, durante la mia breve vacanza ad aprile 2016 , e ogni volta che ci vado, faccio follie, ma come già detto non oggi.. ma ho visto dei pezzi, che qualcuno aiuti il mio portafogli .. i kimoni, sono stati da sempre la mia passione, colorati lunghi o corti, e Primark , con questo.. esaudisce tutte le mie fantasie, inoltre i trench colorati bellissimi da indossare con i denim skinny di Primark , e le tshirt , tutte colorate tutte bellissime.. inoltre gli abiti e i pantaloni molto anni 70 , i miei preferiti, e i blazer , stupendi di tutti i colori , il mio preferito il rosso fuoco esposto all'entrata! 

e ora non mi resta che andare a fare shopping e condividere con voi i miei acquisti su instagram.


23 agosto 2017


If there is one thing I love, it is to travel, because seeing new places, going back to places where you have been well, applauding the soul .. knowing new cultures, dealing with other people, I love to travel, and I put this priority In front of everyone in my life, because I want to live the world .. so this year I saw and visit Paris, Tuscany, Kos Island, San Francisco, Boston .. NewYork, still NYC, because that trip .. is the stop On my mappamondo .. Paris was a charm, Tuscany is in fact my second home, the island of yogurt, is a wonderful place to spend summer holidays with a spectacular sea, lots of shops and good food, San Francisco and Boston the cities I want to visit for years, a city that I see sweet and beautiful in the movies, but also strong and full of opportunities .. For next year I have put goals, Ireland, Holland, Spain .. and we accept suggestions, why As I always say traveling is beautiful, because away Self-empowerment makes them stronger because knowing new places and cultures makes our bag of stories rich in stories that one day can tell our grandchildren ..


 If there is one thing I love, and I can not help it, the practical Jumpsuits are perfect for any outfit. They are good for day and evening, for a sleek, but also for a walk..

Being a real online shopping lover I have seen different, and you buy almost everything, from the more sporty one, from the super-colored to the total black, the one with a dizzying gap in front, or that with the backs behind. I personally have 8, buy it all online .. and I have to say I'm really in love ..
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13 agosto 2017


I've watched a dozen times the video where, Ashley Graham curvy model, has screamed several times in the world, how much you have to love yourself, how much you have to believe in yourself, how much we have to be stronger, canons, stereotypes, The world imposes on us, "I love my body" should not be just a slogan of plus size women, but a slogan of all women, those who think they are not up to, a man, a job, a dream..Maybe she is right when she says that for years, when she was looking at the mirror, she struggled with herself to try to love what she was seeing ... and I know what she is talking about, I know how hard it may be, not accepting her reflection in the mirror .. I finally just over a year, I started to love what I am, maybe even a little smaller because I was always a size 18 but when I then exceeded this number, because my depression He had taken, the disappointments of love can bring hatred towards oneself, more than you can end up hating the other person .. Then the year 2016, for me was a bit of a turning point, I started to lose weight, (today I'm a fair size 16) to come out, and re-open my heart, making people love, what I am , And not what they want .. and the best thing to know is that they have found people who finally accept me without having to sell their souls to the devil, and these are my friends .. now I buy my clothes knowing they'll be fine. And I dare more .. without fear of the comments, because I am this, I am the girl with her legs touched, I am the girl with the cellulite that for the first time at 31 she wore shorts, I am The girl with the rolls, is the girl who maybe no one finds attractive, but when I look at that girl in the mirror I like, I like wearing those clothes, I like it when I see them with her faults, because it is true .. I love Myself, I love my body curvy and I love my way of being .. so rest of my idea, so i say thank you to Ashley Graham , For giving voice to all of us girls considered defiant by the society of the present.

6 agosto 2017


è da quando ho compiuto 18 anni, che mi sento fare sempre le stesse domande..
<il fidanzato ce l'hai?>
<ma non vuoi figli?>
<ancora niente fidanzati e o convivenza?>
<ma sarai mica lesbica?>
<ma sei normale?>
queste sono alcune delle domande che a 31 anni sento ancora fare.. il che mi porta a chiedermi.. Perchè? perchè fare queste domande? perchè dover criticare e giudicare le persone? io dopo che mi hanno distrutto il cuore in mille e uno pezzi , ho deciso che la cosa importante , di più in assoluto , sono io , ho messo davanti a tutto le mie priorità , ho messo davanti a tutto e tutti la mia felicità , e la mia felicità sta nel girare il mondo, rendere felice la gente che mi sta intorno , realizzare i miei sogni , dal più piccolo e banale , al più grande ed importante, noi donne non dobbiamo sentirci vincolate o obbligate a vivere quello che gli altri vogliono, ma a vivere i nostri ideali ed obbiettivi, e tranquilli che tra i miei obbiettivi, quello più grande è di diventare mamma, ma per ora , voglio vivere e godermi la vita, che non per forza deve includere una persona in più , posso potermene stare in solitudine fino a quando mi pare.. e quando finalmente troverò , colui il quale sarà capace di farmi battere il cuore a mille , e che finalmente nelle mani , non abbia un pugnale ma una rosa , allora inizierò a pensare all'amore con la A , maiuscola.. per ora lasciatemi libera di viaggiare e vedere il mondo..


Traveling in the long and wide, knowing the world, the cultures of others, seeing the big cities, seeing the villages, knowing hundreds of ...