26 ottobre 2014


This week we discussed only the processing of facial Renee Zellweger, the famous Brigette Jones, the girl unlucky in which for years have found themselves in her millions of girls, well, now Renee is truly and totally different, the malicious talk about cosmetic surgery , fans confirm what the actress said: that she is now happy, serene, is comfortable with herself and the people around her .. ok I want to believe, because even when I'm good about myself I lose some pounds, the skin becomes dull and dark circles disappear, but it is from Hollywood to snub the good actresses because OLD, or because they no longer fulfill the "canons" of beauty that people want today, or so they believe in Hollywood, as well as star demi Moore, Meg Ryan, and many others .. including Zellweger to be hired for the films, they preferred to spoil their natural beauty (see Meg Ryan) and eventually disappeared from the scene as well .. of course not only the "old "actresses have become fooled by the sparkly world of Hollywood, think of the beautiful Miki Rurke beautiful it was nice to now? better not to talk about it .. and Stallone? now he is plastic .. Now if Renee has done a facelift surgery, we can not criticize it .. if she had been given a role in a movie, maybe even Brigette Jones I would have liked to crow's feet?
.. and you would have criticized your criticism would have forced those in Hollywood to tell the facts aside, because I prefer a nice maybe she can not act, but people like us feel a thread .. so sorry for people like Renee Zelweger, Meg Ryan and many others ..
Blake Lively and her nose.. was imperfect and now she is perfect for all movie and spot..

Heidi Pratt, famous? i don't know.. she was in THE HILL cast, and after the big transformation.. she is been a playmate.. 

from AMERICAN NEXT TOP MODEL to the DRAGQUEEN TOP MODEL, she was one of the most beautiful model of 80s, Janice Dicknson was really beautiful and for success she wanted be always young.. do you think is good?

MADONNA , she is the queen of transformations, as well as the surgery, his face is the same as when he was twenty, without even a wrinkle .. (except the nose which has become halved) but the arms? the neck? and then we were seeing the Virgin Mary, sing and squirm in their underwear with the face of a real woman of 56 years?

Lindsay Lohan will have to write a book about the stupidity that has made twenty-eight years of his life, one of them the tits and lips swell mode boat here .. I ask you to imagine it in 50 years, will play the title DRAQUEEN with Dicknson?

who never said, I would like to be like Meg Ryan? do not you dare, she was one of the great actresses of Hollywood's most beautiful and simple, I adored all of his films who stopped all at first that swelled her lips like a boat .. but why? had everything and now? 
Once this man was sexy, once this man was the dreams of millions of women, once this man had a facial expression? now even when it's angry, it seems to laugh, and except in movies like the Mercenaries where there are worse .. Stallone, or other films like Sin City or where he is a boxer .. can not help .. imagine a dad who works in the office that are going to take his son to school ..? oh no!

Renee , seems to be more aged, a surgical touch-up? I do not know .. I hope not .. because if you do not finish early .. more .. for now remain to see the articles this week he will talk .. nothing Botox Brigette Jones could be the next title is not it?

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