7 ottobre 2014


my latest purchases .. some made ​​during the Milan Fashion Week, others these days, during the MFW I bought many products dior, thanks to the event organized in the Sephora store, where he had DIOR SKIN, I could not resist the allure of evening glamor, photos and anything else made ​​of champagne and I bought 200 € product .. which strangely I have not used it yet, except for the vernis and BAR PIED DE POUL two beautiful colors, which I also found to charity other major brands and cheaper brands, however you want to put you in my box of nail also a collection of Dior? now I possess 5, and I'm very happy, what I really like is the palette of 5 colors, costs about € 52 but it is nothing short of fabulous, then I chose the shade for a make-up, sophisticated and stylish, they are madly in love even of the two hair bands buy in the center of Milan, in the store Coin, one is in pure style Dolce & Gabbana, the other 50's style, what in my makeup box can not miss is the mascara in I have about twenty, I try almost always the same thing, mascara that will give me volume and curves, because my eyelashes are already long natural, with this mascara seems to use false eyelashes ... so always Coin I bought a gift box in the cosmetics department at GIVENCHY stand, along with Panoramic,mascara, lipstick regalavano of the French, I love this mascara, because it can delineate the lashes in the corners of the eyes, the first thing that was very difficult..the last shopping week, were the gloss by Guerlain, make lips soft and at the same time seem bigger, really beautiful, in shades of ruby and pink barbie, always one of the last purchases, matt glazes of Pupa, rediculously and they are fabulous.! 

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