20 ottobre 2014

you want a make-up as the Kardashian sisters? want to hide some imperfections on your face? perfect that it seems you've rigged the best makeup artist in history? well make yourself comfortable that I'll explain how to do it .. It is not easy nor a quick thing, but trust me that it's really worth, perfumeries I saw what I think is the perfect duo, and they also sell online, NEVE COSMETICS, so you will have available the illuminant and the earth, each face must then be rigged so as to mark the right spots, I have a round face and I always informed ones but after research I can tell you that:

ROUND FACE: "Roll out the lighting on the chin and the area above the cheekbones, darken the lower part and the shaded side of the face. Add a touch of light blush on the cheeks and blend the other two colors. "

SQUARE FACE: "the land applied to the corners of the forehead and jaw. Roll out the lighting in the center of the chin and forehead and the blush on her cheeks, making small circles and not fade too much upward. "

TRIANGULAR FACE: "applied the ground on the sides of front and soft down. Then roll out the iiluminante on the chin and between the cheekbone and jaw. Finally aggungete the blush on gunce fading towards the temples. "

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