10 dicembre 2014


That no one tell me that Beyonce and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton are style icons.
On the meeting between the two have made rivers of ink, many journalists have lost their voice in talking about it .. Prince William and his wife, went to watch a game of basketball during their stay in New York, nothing wrong, even though many have said that with the riots that are there in the street, for the killings of innocent people by the police, perhaps there was no need to focus all the attention on parter present at the game the Nets, do not say that William has not spent comforting words towards each other because it would lie, along with the mayor's wife Kate has met many people, was with the children of some schools .. i tell the truth for a moment reminded Diana, at least to me!
Just because she was dressed in a simple way for a basketball game is not to say that it is not a fashionable person, just because he "recycled" already worn a dress for a red carpet in London does not mean that it can not be a style icon, we are used to critare who does glitz of their belongings, then when a real wears the same dress twice criticize .. but we are fools?
Beyoncé last period has been targeted by the tabloids, why? no one knows .. but she is a woman of character who knows how to defend well,and it showed well in the last period ignoring these rumors and living his life as always, are a big fan of Beyonce, I follow on social where occasionally publish some pictures, and I can say that she is a style icon , her outfits are never anonymous, looking cool and wrapped launches trends, the other night during the game of the nets and the meeting with the Duchess Kate, had a blouse with a long skirt to the knee that stood out the curves and the the same time it was not vulgar like many other celebrities who go to see basketball games and not only do not understand why fashion magazines have wanted to challenge their styles .. for me the Duchess of Cambridge and I hope the future Queen of England and the largest artist world queen of RnB, are icons of style, at least for me ..

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