6 gennaio 2015


From low cost to those that cost so much .. those less known to those signed ..
I have more makeup than a makeup artist .. I started with the Pupa, Italian brand famous for the makeup of Miss, is from year official sponsor of Miss Italy, I was 13, and my father did not want me to wear makeup, so I did it for hidden .. but no money could give me know about them from my cousin who was five years older than me.
As soon as I started working, I started my missions shopaholic, today I find myself to have a huge set of make up .. some never tried only in the end of 2014 I bought six mascara .. and in the early days of January I spent approximately 200 Euros I am mad? probably .. but mine is a real passion for shopping .. When I went on vacation in Florence, I said "Coco no shopping in these three days .." instead I entered KiKo Milan, and I spent 60 € for two eyeshadows three lipsticks and blush .. I needed it? I do not know but the clerk was so friendly ..In the first six days of this new year I came in four perfumeries, and are never out empty handed ... the last time today I bought two products to complete my collection is the first Le Vernis Chanel number 553, Blue Rebel absolutely fantastic, and then with this I have officially finished my collection of Chanel .. and having almost finished that of Chanel in September of 2014 I started to Dior, now with what I bought today already possess eight .. because I do it? because, I feel excited about the prospect of having them ..
This means being shopaholic, buy order to be happy, and not by necessity .. luckily today I decided to speak only of my mania for makeup .. because if we open that topic .. I should write a book directly ..

are increasingly convinced that Sophia Kinsella in writing the first book, Confessions of a shopaholic .. as has triggered a bomb .. because we all love shopping could "navigate underwater" but now there are many who know our "secrets "
If I never frozen my credit card in the freezer? not really but I had hidden in my closet to try to instill "forget it" three days later began the balances, and I put the cabinet upside down to find it ..

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