6 febbraio 2015

the clan Kardashian

The Kardashian clan, if there is unique about the matriarch, Kris Jenner, who made his fortune and has also made do with the private lives of their daughters, from Kim, and her sexy scandal with the videotape made her ex-husband, and that in the first episode of the series Keeping Up with the Kardashians, seemed unaware of the publication of the video .. from there ten years have passed the Kardashian sisters are grown, Mrs. Jenner debuted in their show also Jenner clan, including the now ex-husband, basketball players, show girl little known .. all have gone home for Kardashian, and even on family tragedies, this huge extended family has made piles of money, I do not deny that up to when in Italy, we had the TV channel Eonline, I followed the episodes, but mine was pure passion for the style of the three sisters, wrapped when the bet was becoming heavy or vulgar I changed the channel, I was moved to the wedding of the smallest of Kardashian, Khloe with basketball champion Lamar Odom, I think it was the only love story that was true, seemed to love true .. but in the end too much popularity has put together and broke out, collapsing into an abyss nba player. Now years later, and after the arrival of the new generation of children Penelope and Mason Kourtney and small Nori daughter Kim, there is calm, indeed,no longer stop, their wealth increases more and more, Kim seems to have found true love with Kanye West, and all fashion designers and directors want her on their covers, small Jenner have grown and between scandals and walkways are perhaps taking step sisters, what need is Bruce becomes a woman once we succeed Kris think also to his career, perhaps more than when they were married, what about Kris knows her .. and that is that no one can make you better family make money ..

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