18 marzo 2015


I am a curvy proud, surely I will never paraded no stylist .. definitely will be hard to wear a full chanel, Gucci I trousers, but are still fashionable, although I wear low cost, the parades this year I can say follow them all, from NYC to Paris, I have not lost anyone .. and I noticed that they were the extreme models of non-anorexic models who want to stress that can lead to such an event, they were too skinny, and then those that when you see them you think why? you can see the entire chest, I read that a French minister, fully supported by the French health minister, said stop to the anorexic models, stop the death of fashion, strong sentence, but in fact what they do not understand fashion houses is that who adores them, automatically tries to become perfect for them, there are girls who want to be at all costs as the models, and then what a day it was a beauty standard, see the models of the late 80s and early 90's, after that myths like Twiggy were replaced by models are thin, but not skinny,Then in the early 90s, he arrived on the catwalk Kate Moss, and he returned to the skinny on fashion runways, but going forward this skinny style has exceeded the limit too, we are all shocked by the service Toscano, who made a service anti anorexia, the media have considered too raw, but sometimes it is better to be raw, because just showing the harsh truth is i can open my eyes, in the upcoming fashion shows, the choice of models there will be doctors who will control the body mass of Models, and those with a body mass too low will not have to pull out, and those who decide to make them pull the same .. will take a fine of 75 thousand euro, Paris as other countries have deployed, they must do it all for the sake of those girls.we have to say though that anorexia affects very well the world of cinema, where actresses bravissime, must try to stay lean and young people not to be outclassed by the younger, the case of Sarah Jessica Parker that with some Extra Pounds would be beautiful, but no one the bones and then hires outside must keep them by force, Giuliana Ranchic that never admit of being anorexic, has walked the red carpet, with a jumpsuite where you could see a lot, another famous actress, is Portia De Rossi, maybe l 'only one to have admitted to being anorexic, and that the companion saved her from that vortex pericoloso.Ci are characters that come in and out of this vortex, others that after years of doubt, have confessed their suffering.But not only actresses and showgirls, even the fashion-bloggers are at risk anorexia,
I am looking at the pictures of the people in the front row of the catwalks New York, Milan, London and Paris, I could not help but notice how skinny Chiara Ferragni, always the skinny Olivia Palermo, and many other things that girls who love fashion, want to imitate .. and that directors of fashion magazines, put on the cover, we wonder why men prefer women like Beyonce Rihanna and other curvy girl, the answer is simple, there is something touching .. are the framework of health, and hate when then are retouched to make them look slimmer, once the personal stylist also served in this .. there were fotoshop, back to before then, when it was put on a 46 .. be normal and not fat!

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