28 giugno 2015



i was been passionate about fashion since I was only 5 years old, I loved to play with my Barbie clothes .. and many times I was playing with my mom to create others from old clothes to throw .. I always had an instinct that led me to anticipate must have .. just think that two years ago the fashion magazines said that the trend of that summer were the polka dot and striped sailor .. but I reported and put on three years before last year .. emerald green l 'I bought it for enamels long dresses and so on .. and two months ago the fashion magazines have announced that this summer the green will be the mistress seen ...?

so I decided that today I will write a list of must-have for the season in 2015 but in my opinion are good in all seasons ..

JUMPSUIT the single color or flowers, perfect for everyday .. to go to work for a quick cocktail with friends after work, perfect with sandals or high with the flat

Flowers in the hair .. for the summer not just this year but always .. large calipers, with band .. are beautiful and bring a fresh feel to even look all black.

Kimono, are all the rage for some years, but 2015 was almost the year of consecration, I see them perfect for any type of look I yesterday I wore my black pants with a high waist with short black top, and My kimono (forever 21 plus size) was black with enormous pink roses, the kimonos depending on the look I can be used in any way ..

Smocks, I've had really a lot .. plaid striped, fluorescent .. I've had very many .. are practical and with leggings and ballet flats are the perfect look for a day at the office. This year are very fashionable in denim ..

SABOT, unfortunately I can not wear them .. I have one foot not really suitable for this type of shoe, but if you have perfect feet that I can wear everything I suggest you buy at least one pair of shoe, heeled 8/10 that are perfect with almost every summer look ..

SKIRT WHEEL, this is the summer of the look bon ton, and the skirts even if combined with a denim shirt that effect are always good taste that pleases all ..

GLAZE, for glazes there are many many colors perfect for summer .. I chose my top 5 .. hot pink, emerald green, gold, cobalt blue and yellow banana, but remember that if you are looking for work the sobriety bare is perfect ..

LONG DRESS: long dresses summer .. let's say the truth, make us feel a little diva, black, floral, striped, pink or red .. any color are also perfect for hiding a few corners in more ..

When travel becomes a necessity ..

I twenty-nine years and one month, are the sign of the twins (and that says a lot about my character) and after many many .. positive and negative phases of my life .. I realized that the best way to deal with all the problems and situations that confuse you is to put two changes of clothes, some accessories, and two pairs of shoes in a backpack and go .. it because there is nothing better than to sit 48 hours by yourself and not think about anything .. you because these mini tour that I need just that .. not think of anything else!the first time I did it last year after a real moment of crisis helps .. believe me, the first trip I realized that when I come to the limit of my patience .. I have to press the stand-by of my life and take a time for myself without anyone ..the first time I did it last year after a real moment of crisis helps .. believe me, the first trip I realized that when I come to the limit of my patience .. I have to press the stand-by of my life and take a time for myself without anyone .. i recommend it to all .. they are two or three days or a week .. .. backpacker and on .. is the solution to all problems .. after is easier to deal with anything ..

16 giugno 2015

shopping online or in stores?

From my second salary dating back to ten years ago, until last year, at least twice a week I went around the shops,
Shopping low cost .. wrapped also important signatures, then last year I realized I really spend too much ..! But all the good intentions in the world, I could not stay away from shopping .. indeed I broadened my horizons .. one night after deciding (and maybe that was the only time I tell the truth) to buy two pairs of jeans , my now were old, I saw in a magazine advertising a shopping site for low cost, I could even pay on delivery, and this for me was a real death sentence .. wrapped even if I admit I have with others a problem .. a sort of convulsion to spend .. here because I recognize myself in the very character of Becky Bloomwood of the book and the film I LOVE SHOPPING, even one day I thought I'd freeze my credit card, but then I saw a chance of a website, and it all started again ..
Some people eat chocolate when depressed (before I did too) and who prefer to surround themselves with things that she loves .. I for example I have two agendas! I know it's absurd I thought about it after months .. a person so little involved in social as me what do I do with two agendas? business appointments were good even on just a single .. but as a I took in mid-2014 for the following year .. I did not go to the idea that then going to London earlier this year, I would have found a wonderful to just 35 pounds .. not remind me currency ..
I know I'm still a shopaholic responsible, if I can not buy it .. (I note, however, for the following month) take note of all the expenses .. and always balance the account of my credit card, even if wrapped is really difficult. .Now then with my niece on the way, and since I am her godmother (is my brother gave me this good news immediately) would have some sort of responsibility to you, and so I have a jar where every day I put something, from coins banknotes, so as to make them a great gift when it is born ..do not ask me if I stopped to shop because it is just so, so far I was shopping for me, for my mother (all the things you want .. or almost) now I do it for three, even for this little angel, rompers, shoes accessories all you can of course serve low cost, and online but I feel the weight of debts slightly less .. who knows .. I stop in a few months ..
If you want to know if shopping make me happy... not always.. but yes :)

14 giugno 2015




When I was a child, on TV, I saw the show as the adventures of MaryKate and Ashley, since then I have always wanted to have a sister, I saw them together and I thought it would have been nice to have a mate with whom to exchange clothes and accessories, with the years Olsen twins, have made films and television programs, and fashion lines .. now are true icons of fashion, winning major awards and are always in the front row at fashion shows the most important ..


PASSWORD: fur, obviously ecological, but of any color, and in any form, this is a wonderful yellow coat long coat, a fuchsia fur coat, sabo...