31 agosto 2015

VMAs 2015: Someone stop Miley Cirus..

The VMAs, usually have more to discuss the look of the artists, for which the performance or the prizes .. remember when Lil Kim wore a dress with half boob out, was considered scandalous, had a star on the nipple, or when JLo showed up with that wonderful Versace dress with a huge front neckline .. oh censorship! But now in 2015 a little girl that I say should be interned to enable it to recover, is naked on stage live (in the states), no one says anything? I remind you that MTV is a channel below for more from girls and boys .. if it were not all exclusively made for audience might have been censored too .. I think.
Frankly to me the look of Miley Cyrus did not like, but not the nudity itself, but for the excessive vulgarity that the singer used to get away from a stereotype that now no one thinks to pull over to her .. Stop Miley is while you're in time

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