18 settembre 2015


Fashion Week Newyork is over, many fashion shows, wonderful collections, each of them inspiring, for next season, spring / summer, I chose ten pieces, including clothing accessories and beauty that inspired me personally, and that we should second I have absolutely closet.

In first place is the long dress, in almost all the collections presented at newyork there was at least a long dress, perfect also wrapped to hide the generous curves that many of us have.

In second place I put protection money, especially if color as seen in the collections of Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la renta, beautiful and sophisticated, is perfect if one has to go in the spring to a major ceremony ..

Third , we put a beautiful flower in the hair, from the outset as I said in the previous post that I madly in love with the collection of DVF, I loved the look of the models very, very chic and easy, combing 70s style with the flowers in the hair I found it wonderful.

Fourth black is the only color in any season, city or fabric, fashion never goes out, you tell me how many leaders you have the color black, I a dozen per season, I noticed that designers like Vera Wang and Givenchy Diesel even more have used it as the predominant color, and have done well! Because if to accessory right is fine even in summer!

Fifth, the blooming 70s, continues more than ever, the revival of the 70's, skirts, flowers and whatever else could be used in the 70's, in fact quarrel every day with my mother who threw away all of his things cabinet when he was 20 years old, because the pictures we have at home, there are always many many leaders today reviewing the catwalks, I can not think of the dress worn by Karlie Kloss for the parade of DVF, to me mother had one same but with other colors ..
Sixth, the baggy pants, finally returned in vogue, when I had my 13/14 years, I had a dime, I've always liked, because it hides the curves in some places, they have proposed Francesca Liberatore, strong color , are really a MUST-HAVE for spring 2016

Seventh , the strong colors such as shocking pink, mint green, cobalt blue and purple .. my favorite colors, but also orange, yellow white .. you have seen a few pastel colors, the catwalk more color was definitely that of Monique Lhullier, I was madly in love with blue fur colbalto on that wonderful dress hot pink ..

Eighth, slit thigh, sexy but not vulgar, in many proposed and I liked it, something beautiful, sexy and definitely not vulgar, as was the gap thigh groin.

Ninth, put simplicity, better known as RTW, ready to wear, is because 90% of the animals presented, was ready to be worn, of course, no one will not go around with masks created by Givenchy, although I think the Lady Gaga has reserved all, but all the clothes have something that tells .. wearing me!

the tenth, the gladiator sandals are a must that should not go out of fashion, but due to many people who do not know how to wear them, wrapped you risk having to make disappear from circulation, as presented this year, something that had them rendava elegant and glamorous, perhaps for dresses that accompanied it, I personally love them and I have already budgeted to buy at least a couple when it arrives next summer .. I loved those presented in the parade of Rebecca Minkof

Obviously there are ten things that I liked about this New York fashion week, because I loved it all!

But when you decide you have to write the kind that attracted you more, after a few seconds of total darkness, you get ideas .. The fashion week in New York, even though this year to six thousand kilometers away, I followed her heart, as if I was them .. who knows maybe one day ..

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