29 novembre 2015


Yes, I know, I'm doing the tree should not complain, but it is not prepare the tree that puts forward, but the fact that between one month and two days will be the last day of this 2015, the anus of ' ulcer I call it, is because there have been good times, fun, beautiful as the birth of my nephew .. but then there were the bad times .. like the departure of my dear friend Alex, that two simple words explained to me What is love, for love because he moves to another place where no one knows .. but he will be with her .. there were also those moments not (especially at work). those who are neither ugly it beautiful .. those where you think you are angry, but you can not express yourself that's why I call it the year of the ulcer .. and I have no plans or hopes for the new year .. and that scares me. . so I found myself with write down what I want to do in 2016 .. and I found myself writing one word .. TRAVEL .. so anxiety is back .. because I think it will be a year like the others. like all the others ..

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