20 gennaio 2016


And here we are again, to mourn victims of terrorism, which it seems no one wants to stop, to Pershawar was attacked a college campus ... doing many casualties among students and teachers still were again attacked innocent civilians once again young people once again blood ... It can not be more ... There is no need to say enough! JUST in these massacres. With their violence what they get? the fear of the people? would have us become all fake Muslims? is false because they are not true Muslims. The Koran does not say kill if they are Christians or Jews. the Koran does not say kidnaps women and children and violent ... the Koran does not say kill in the name of Allah, let the brakes on these people, you have to say enough is enough!
But that belongs only to the great of the Earth ... It is up to the Presidents of Nations that in words they say simply and mourn their victims, but on the other hand seem to incite and help these wars, we must withdraw troops from those lands and leave them to themselves. And send home all criminals entered our lands ...

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