9 marzo 2016


Foulards born many years ago, when to wear it were Hollywood stars, but also the farmers plowing the fields, and they wore it for protection from the sun, through the years has become one of those considered excessive accessories, and that not all succeed to wear at the end of 90s , thanks to stars such as Jennifer Lopez is back in fashion..completely covering the hair with huge earrings, classifying that as Puerto Rican style … Fall winter collections presentations including 2016 today, many designers from New York to Paris he reproposed in a simple way. almost like a little something extra to be glamorous..
I have always loved the foulard, and I love to put them in your hair. since
Give that extra touch to your look, then this winter in addition to widebrimmed hats, turbans and fill your closets of foulards.

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  1. What a great way to accessorize a look. Thanks for sharing.




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