20 marzo 2016


today is the international day of happiness, and given the opportunity I have to wonder what is really happiness? If there can be a desire for happiness. For me happiness is the laughter of my niece, the harmonious sound of the voice of children, which leads me to say, that my desire for happiness, match wrapped with my desire for motherhood, for me happiness is seeing my family United and serena, you see people I love to smile ... see the happiness of others can make you happy? wrapped I suppose, no, but understanding what really wound makes me happy is really hard, because I think when I wrapped them laughing with friends can be a spark of happiness?! or when I go out alone shopping around the city streets. or when I travel to new places. Then I stop and reflect, and for a moment I think, maybe I'm not that happy, maybe something is missing, missing the feel loved, but this makes you happy? Maybe Yes, maybe having someone telling you I love you, someone with his smile fills the world, someone with his laugh gives you harmony, this maybe makes you happy ...
happiness may depend on another person?

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