27 marzo 2016


the only real timeless style, whether it's clothes or accessories, makeup style is 70 years, including one of my favorite styles, because super glamorous, hair, find me a cut that do not take inspiration from the 70s, the makeup, the colors, the icons of that era, such as Farrah Fawcett.
From floral designs to geometric patterns, from flared skirts or flared pants and finally suits or mini Dungarees.
The thing that drives me nuts are definitely high-waisted jeans and elephant's foot, one other thing that I love are the wedges, high and colorful, with fringes, truly legendary!
The fashion of the 70 years, has been repeatedly proposed on the catwalks of Paris and Milan London NewYork fashion ... In short, both major international fashion cheap brands represent the best fashion ' 70.


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