6 marzo 2016


If there's one thing I love, but a lot of fashion week, beyond the
parades is to take inspiration to create your own style. so flicking
magazines, looking at the pictures on the socials, I realized that every city said its on next season, New york has inspired me to the retro style
Tommy Hilfiger wonderful style of 70 years, the iconic and inimitable DVF, London I liked the way Vivienne Westwood of glorifying the shirts, how to wear them, the top fantasies and frosted, transparencies Milan Strass and coats by the large amount instead prints, dark colors but also bright colors such as red ... and now Paris, where no one could miss black and lace, so far presented ... I think in the end, you have to follow the fashion week not only to buy more clothes, the most famous designers, but to be inspired and create your own style. I did, and already beginning to enrich my closet ... let's start the shopping my friends ...

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