3 aprile 2016

have you ever wondered if the friendship between man and woman exist?

have you ever wondered if the friendship between man and woman exist?
I is from when I was in kindergarten, I have enormous doubts, but doing the math I have and have had several male friends in life with a guy you don't have to compare yourself, and not makes you feel inferior, I believe in friendship between males and females, although many times that can turn, when sentiment changes many times men give blame us women of this, because obviously we are very sentimental, but this is not the case, because a woman can try something other than a simple friendship, only if man makes you think more. don't fall in love so easily, you may wonder why I'm doing all these questions and observations, simple, because to work this issue becomes crucial point wrapped in real discussions. also because I in friendship like family, and unfortunately also in love do the 1000 x 1000 and in the eyes of many for one person seems to me to give too much, but it is not so, I know that friendship is to give you, but to me in everything I do has never imported, perhaps this is also why then you remain disappointed but I don't care, it's the behaviour on the other side, because as sure as I believe in friendship between man and woman, it is also true that the man is a traitor, and that while makes you believe to be your friend, after getting what he wants, whether services, money or fun, after you turn your back and you become invisible , or worse still destroys you mentally appearing as nothing ever happened, or even you away for no apparent reason telling the others that instill you were in love with him. These are just some of the reasons that make me doubt the friendship with a man, even if I repeat to myself is the jerk on duty, in fact has never been your friend, there are true friends, a bit as I think there are also the true loves, so disappointing in can only serve to grow and move forward with all sti doubts in your head ...

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