31 maggio 2016


And I'm 30, today is my birthday, and I reach the dreaded 30 years until last night I was scared, because a company like mine, where after I wished people tell you now you just have to find husbands. can only scare you, the idea of having to explain every time, because ... that because that perhaps hides the true because ... and that is that so far I fell just wrong people maybe don't like me for my personality wrapped invasive, and sometimes too close. The fears we face in 30 years are too many, in 30 years, between biological clock, impossible loves, disappointments on each floor, hope that these 30 years make a clean sweep. The anxiety of the biological clock was born along with the birth of my nephew, whereas my brother is smaller than almost 3 years, I approached the 30, I had been overtaken, the desire for motherhood became stronger and stronger day by day, much to consider assisted fertilization (having no raw material) have decreed that I have a child from anonymous donor in many they gave me crazy, many others I was teasing, but as time passes and more are you sure you're ready, even if a friend of mine told me that he doesn't see me ready to have a child, but for how much I care about him, said bullshit. As for impossible love more impossible of those who unknowingly becomes your greatest friend, the person I love to laugh, love your company, and you feel lonely when you're not together, it would seem the perfect story except that he doesn't prove anything about this and can not ... The disappointments are many, too accumulated during these long 30 years,
always expectations too high, why do the soul with everyone I know, even when they don't deserve it, always ones, I prepend the happiness of others to mine, and this means that many times I renounce to the things that I love to others, such as the ability to increase the popularity of my blog, and not let it be just a hobbyist, renounce my travels, the people who loved him only for not giving "sorrows" and many others who are not here to list
Oh yes the 30 years, bring a lot of questions about how you have experienced so far, and about how it will turn out, if we can achieve those bloody dreams that live in my mind since I was a kid.

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