27 luglio 2016


Today my 5 days off, I should devote to my blog, I wanted to relax so this evening after dinner in the hotel, I would take my laptop and I would put in the garden to write, I love writing ... I was in the process of organizing the rest of the day relaxing and sea blog, I woke up happy, happy to think of an impossible love but don't know why can't get anyway on smile, happy to chat with the other guests in the breakfast room of the hotel, happy I don't even know anymore why, but then everything changed While I was getting ready to return to the beach, I got a call from my mom telling me that my grandfather after an illness that lasted four months, which consumed him to the bone, stunner, has died at the age of 86 years. My grandfather has always been an authoritarian figure, I've never had a big feeling, compared to what I had with my grandmother, but that doesn't mean I'm not bad, just that part of me thinks, he 86 years came, who worries me is Dad, my dad is like me, keeps everything inside all hidden feelings almost as if he were jealous. and I know that meeting him in a while will be really hard because my dad in his life cried a few times, when we are born we three, when my brother and I stayed in the hospital for surgery to appendicitis, and when his mother died, this time he followed step by step grandfather, knew what we were getting into,he knew that sooner or later would have to say goodbye, I can not help but think how many members of my family are dying from this disease, the tears cancer, consumes, destroys the plant up to make them, my grandfather were days that now was not eating more and morphine took effect one day out of three, I am very sorry for my grandfather, although I do not know why I'm crying like when my grandmother died,not that he cared, but the relationship with my grandfather has always been different from that with Grandma ... and now I'm here wondering what to say and what to do, unfortunately I'm the kind of person that if he sees one suffer in agony in a bed, then God would prefer that he looks like his will, I knew that my grandfather was suffering, and pretty sure that these days would happen, but I can't say it was better this way because this horrible disease was wiping out, and for a man like him always independent, it was a shock to be stuck in a bed.to him as well as my grandmother at the time I have to just say sorry, sorry for not coming over, sorry for missed calls, sorry for occurrences forget ..Rip Grandpà i love you

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