30 ottobre 2016


I have always been a great admirer of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and when I was 10, my dream was to visit, the states, and thank heaven for having started in 2013, after the attack on the Twin Towers, in many I spoke ill of America, many Italians, thought I was crazy to love a country that was attacked car, or that America was too vindictive, that innocent people killed, while I have cried, and a lot .. but still saw the old president of the United States as a threat to the entire country, America needed someone who had the heart, which felt feelings.The news in 2007 there was talk of the possible candidacy of a young African American from Chicago, but I thought it was an impossible thing, but no, when it was confirmed, I began to follow streaming, news, debates, I was fascinated by the peaceful speeches that made the person, I was fascinated by the thought that he had for his America, was what every American, that every lover of america, wanted to hear, so I supported as much as I could the election campaign, candidate Obama, remember that as today, I many followers American, and I did nothing but post photos on rated Obama, vote hope you do the right thing .. and when the Americans have done the right thing by choosing her as President of the largest and most beautiful countries in the world, are this was fair.it was nice to follow step by step, these two terms, I was fascinated by what you have represented for the Americans and the whole world, the Obamas, entered the hearts of many people, and even in my, Michelle with her being decided with its supporting women, and help girls to build a better future ..The idea that we must say goodbye to one of the families, the most beautiful in America, it is sad.
Sad, because it's like having to say goodbye to a couple of friends, a couple of relatives who after so many years allows us to move to another city, and you wonder when rivededremo them another time ..most importantly, what will happen now, the hope is that after the first black president, the first female president arrives .. but if this were not so? all good things and just made by her, will be able to be carried out? or that person could destroy everything.?
However, I personally want to say thank you, thank you because my American dream, has grown the most, together with you, I wish you the best of all and for all .. thanks Obama family for these wonderful eight years..



The Prince of Disney have always been too perfect .. maybe that's why I preferred the beast, than the prince of Cinderella ..I do not know why but I have always preferred the man with the beard, and no no .. I think most masculine gifts to man, perhaps because in recent years, around you are seen only men without hair (sometimes more than women), A bearded man is simply sexier than a man with a smooth face like a baby's skin and a woman, one with the beard immediately gives the impression of being more virile, sexy, the beard has always been associated with bad guys , and as I mentioned in a previous post women are attracted to bad boys, and then makes mature, then the beard could be the ideal solution to add a bit 'of years to the ID card. Historically and also scientifically, the growth of hair on the face coincides with the man become physically. Choose to wear beards, then, shows that he is becoming wiser, more mature and maybe even ready to have children, which in our eyes makes it even more fascinating. A man with a beard seems more sure of himself, as that air gives it elegant and refined. There is something undeniably sexy and mysterious about a boy who brings barba.Se have time and desire to grow and meticulously treat beard, then it is not hasty or impetuous, but cold and even a little 'calculator, patient safe . He knows that one thing is best done with care to make it better rather than do it fast and cheesy way..


Autumn same dark colors, but no! This year the season FALL / WINTER turns pink, mint green and cobalt blue. So thanks to my favorite fashion magazine, Grazia It, and shopping my third eternal love, I found a series of must, that I think we should all have in the closet ... Take a look





pink coat Zara

green lace top forever 21

pink shirt FOREVER 21


Non avevo fatto ancora recensioni, o quasi, quindi diciamo pure che questa è la mia prima volta, ho comprato qualche giorno fa delle maschere per il viso, da premettere che io ho la pelle grassa , e tendente al lucido , va stesa bene sul viso, e tenuta su 15 minuti, una volta tolta rimane un po di prodotto sulla pelle, consiglio di stenderlo con le mani e massaggiare fino a quando non avrete la pelle asciutta, io ho appena finito. Il risultato è una pelle pulita e fresca, niente sebo sul viso .

I had not made no reviews, or nearly so let's say that this is my first time, I bought a few days ago of face masks, to be noted that I have oily skin, and tends to shiny, stretched it goes well on the face and kept on 15 minutes, when taken off remains a bit of product on the skin, it is laid council with hands and massage until you have dry skin, I have just finished. The result is a clean and fresh skin, no sebum on the face.

26 ottobre 2016


Paulo coelho says, only makes a dream impossible, the fear of failure.
and it is true, because this is my dream has lasted 20 years, and I've always been afraid of not succeeding, fear of consequences, fear of posthumous rumors of others.
My dream is called America, more specifically, NewYork. twenty years that I love this city and after having seen 3 times Live, well I love her even more, I love the chaotic life of Newyork, my dream has always been to relocate this great and vast city, but for a reason or another I never managed to find the courage to see, get interested in this project .. the courage arrived now at 30 years, after a month and sixteen days ago, I left for the first time by myself to the Big Apple, my vacation, it was not just a vacation, I studied to live here, how they move New Yorkers, New Yorkers how they live, their habits in a week, have also become my own, I really wanted to live that holiday, not as a tourist, but like a true New Yorker. I wanted to start with live between the seventh and eighth avenue, time square height, I wanted to avoid tourist buses and I have always taken the taxi, my preferred mode of transportation? the subway, you see the real New York, one that runs with the hot coffee in one hand and in the other handheld.I have in my mind every single minute of that week, and just thinking I feel happy and serene, every problem that presents my life here, disappears.
Since I came back one fixed idea, to try to win the green card and move to New York, people who knew how, they continue to laugh at me saying there'll never make it, and that if anything were to win the green card, I can never find the mental strength to leave, and some even say that I will not make them ever to live alone, all these bad things once hurt me, and I would yield to the thought, but not today .. today the emotional strength and the will to finally do something for me, is helping me, I enrolled in the lottery for green card, I paid a fortune, and in the three thousand questions made by the operator who rang me, the thing that struck him was, my answer on: why New York? my English has improved and will improve more and more .. because that's what I want .. I want New York, and are Convita that if I can seriously commit to, no longer just a dream or a distant project, but something to be organized as soon as possible ..

23 ottobre 2016


The Kardashian sisters are everywhere, magazines, events, nba games, and so on and so forth, this time to talk about if it is the third of the Kardashian sisters, Khloe, who in recent months, has found love ( with a nba player who left his pregnant girlfriend for her) and worked on his first fashion collection, denim, to be specific, perfect for all the curvy girls, cheers Khloe!
The collection was launched a few days ago, The girls soft and prosperous physical can purchase the products of the Good American on Nordstrom or on e-commerce brand, which will offer a range of sizes will range from 0 to 24 (about the size 56 or 58 nostrana) designed especially to facilitate an already difficult shopping for jeans for curvy girls. Good American will be launched on the market in three different models, with silhouette suitable for all types of women. The skinny take the name of "Good Legs", while the boyfriend style will be called "Good Cuts". The high-waisted jeans, we look so much enthusiasm, take the name of "Good Waist". AND NOW ALL GOING SHOPPING ONLINE ..


In 2008 , America made history by electing the first African American president, Barack Obama, and for two terms, the president and his wife, entered the hearts of the people, and in some respects not only for Americans, but also for the whole world, because the Obama showed one thing, that other presidents and other first ladies have never shown .. the heart.
And no one tell me that it is the other way .. and as I prepare to say goodbye (political) to one of the most beautiful couple in the world, and to hope that the Americans do the right thing, and do not vote Trump, because america has not need a dictator, but this will tell in the next post, I can not help but notice that all of the world's fashion magazines, this month and this week especially, have spoken of the impeccable style of Michelle Obama, so I also wanted to help me showing 15 looks I liked best since it first lady ..


is a question I ask myself for so many years, virtually since its release in Italy Beverly hills 90210, television since they released the legendary Dylan, because we girls prefer bad boys? and answers are so many .. but I can not formulate them together, or better .. him the bad boys in question, has something in her eyes, and smile, that dissolve, ways of doing, gruff but wrapped sweets, that feel almost magic that makes impeccable everything they do .. their increasingly shabby chic style, the way they hold the phone, the way they drink a pint,and as we seek the love that's true, the perfect .. at the end we always encounter these damned bad boys, and if we had to choose, the first choice is always the bad guy guy, because love comes after the first .. is the attraction, is the first heartbeat, and believe me that is a real bad boys can let it get to feel ..


it since I was a little girl, that friendship always give the soul, but not in exchange for anything, but because when I love, I give unconditionally, I know that is wrong, because in the end, no one loves you in this way, no one knows to love in this way, and maybe it's better ..Also become attached to human cases is wrong, because when you realize that a person looks in need of love, when you see that tender in people .. well then it is the end, the end because that person does not know precisely why, but go into your quotidianetà and destroys you, that a kind of tumor, because while you cling to hope and change to help this person, and you think, here has become more kind, gentle .. but no, actually uses all the love that you give to laugh at you, to use you, and then eventually come humiliated and put away so suddenly, so my friends, if you decide to affezionarvi to someone, do not give your soul, do not tell right away the word friend, because a true friend, it is ready to listen to you, to help you not only to have .. and do not do as I do that for years, have been duped, by people who pretended to be my friend.Why after so many false friends, you end up believing more in this feeling as strong as love, then open your eyes before you open your heart, and once you have had confirmation that the person will not betray, do not stab you, will not make you suffer, then you have found a friend .. and hang on to it, and it is not true that the friendship between man and woman can not exist .. because I had few friends, and the greatest of my friends were boys .., and you can turn into attraction in some cases, and more fortunate can say I'm in love with their best friend .. other hand a small wound in the heart but love remains the same ..

9 ottobre 2016


I have seen and reviewed the Dior collection ss 2017, signed Maria Grazia Chiuri, at least a hundred times, and I must say that I am madly in love .. it's as if the Chiuri has reported the French company, the dawn, dozens the stars were present, and the collection was indeed a success, presented under the notes of Flawless Beyonce, and with a message on a t-shirt, well clear- We Should all be feminists- among other things one of the photos more posted on the company is the one of the t-shirts with this phrase, but the rest of the collection, was divine .. why has reported that elegance and femininity that Dior had lost in recent years .. well done Maria Grazia.. i can't wait to see the next..


Like every year, this time of year, I run to the hairdresser to change our look a bit like the change of seasons cabinet, so step away from a totally summery color, to a warm winter .. more this year the decision seems difficult, is because at 30 years, it seems the most difficult decision to take .. lately is thus a bit with everything, as if 30 years old, I wanted to change the usual me, as if my usual look, I did not like the most, as if my tastes had changed without my knowledge, it is as if a spring was taken in my head and say .. it's time to change and get a move on ..
Well for now I have decided to focus on a short cut with bangs, but I'm still not sure .. I wonder once changed look pass me more ... boh do not know ..


I read magazines for a lifetime, and every year, seeking ideas for the must, the season, so I decided to create my own list of must-have ..


For the season, autumn winter, my favorite colors are emerald green, burgundy, antique pink and midnight blue.

I have always loved velvet, I find him one of those tissues so elegant, regal, when I wore at school, at the end of 90 years, made fun of me, but now are back in fashion, in the velvet bell bottoms, so shut up stupid !

another must over the fabulous capes, I love the style jackets boyfriends college, I have bought in Zara store in NYC, the collection is called ESSENTIAL NEW YORK, was to buy all .. but I would have to buy the third suitcase..
regarding the makeup, and the glazes, this is the season of the extremely dark, or very bright, I love dark lipsticks, as the Bordeux, brown, and red fire, and no one here is better than Nyx cosmetics , has shades perfect for the season autumn / winter



Iniziare l'anno con una mini vacanza, bene fatto! Partenza in treno da Milano , alle 11 , arrivo alle 14:30 , già dalla stazione, sento...