23 ottobre 2016


In 2008 , America made history by electing the first African American president, Barack Obama, and for two terms, the president and his wife, entered the hearts of the people, and in some respects not only for Americans, but also for the whole world, because the Obama showed one thing, that other presidents and other first ladies have never shown .. the heart.
And no one tell me that it is the other way .. and as I prepare to say goodbye (political) to one of the most beautiful couple in the world, and to hope that the Americans do the right thing, and do not vote Trump, because america has not need a dictator, but this will tell in the next post, I can not help but notice that all of the world's fashion magazines, this month and this week especially, have spoken of the impeccable style of Michelle Obama, so I also wanted to help me showing 15 looks I liked best since it first lady ..

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