30 ottobre 2016


The Prince of Disney have always been too perfect .. maybe that's why I preferred the beast, than the prince of Cinderella ..I do not know why but I have always preferred the man with the beard, and no no .. I think most masculine gifts to man, perhaps because in recent years, around you are seen only men without hair (sometimes more than women), A bearded man is simply sexier than a man with a smooth face like a baby's skin and a woman, one with the beard immediately gives the impression of being more virile, sexy, the beard has always been associated with bad guys , and as I mentioned in a previous post women are attracted to bad boys, and then makes mature, then the beard could be the ideal solution to add a bit 'of years to the ID card. Historically and also scientifically, the growth of hair on the face coincides with the man become physically. Choose to wear beards, then, shows that he is becoming wiser, more mature and maybe even ready to have children, which in our eyes makes it even more fascinating. A man with a beard seems more sure of himself, as that air gives it elegant and refined. There is something undeniably sexy and mysterious about a boy who brings barba.Se have time and desire to grow and meticulously treat beard, then it is not hasty or impetuous, but cold and even a little 'calculator, patient safe . He knows that one thing is best done with care to make it better rather than do it fast and cheesy way..

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