30 ottobre 2016


I have always been a great admirer of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and when I was 10, my dream was to visit, the states, and thank heaven for having started in 2013, after the attack on the Twin Towers, in many I spoke ill of America, many Italians, thought I was crazy to love a country that was attacked car, or that America was too vindictive, that innocent people killed, while I have cried, and a lot .. but still saw the old president of the United States as a threat to the entire country, America needed someone who had the heart, which felt feelings.The news in 2007 there was talk of the possible candidacy of a young African American from Chicago, but I thought it was an impossible thing, but no, when it was confirmed, I began to follow streaming, news, debates, I was fascinated by the peaceful speeches that made the person, I was fascinated by the thought that he had for his America, was what every American, that every lover of america, wanted to hear, so I supported as much as I could the election campaign, candidate Obama, remember that as today, I many followers American, and I did nothing but post photos on rated Obama, vote hope you do the right thing .. and when the Americans have done the right thing by choosing her as President of the largest and most beautiful countries in the world, are this was fair.it was nice to follow step by step, these two terms, I was fascinated by what you have represented for the Americans and the whole world, the Obamas, entered the hearts of many people, and even in my, Michelle with her being decided with its supporting women, and help girls to build a better future ..The idea that we must say goodbye to one of the families, the most beautiful in America, it is sad.
Sad, because it's like having to say goodbye to a couple of friends, a couple of relatives who after so many years allows us to move to another city, and you wonder when rivededremo them another time ..most importantly, what will happen now, the hope is that after the first black president, the first female president arrives .. but if this were not so? all good things and just made by her, will be able to be carried out? or that person could destroy everything.?
However, I personally want to say thank you, thank you because my American dream, has grown the most, together with you, I wish you the best of all and for all .. thanks Obama family for these wonderful eight years..


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