9 ottobre 2016


I read the article Vogue us, against the fashion bloggers in the world .. the title was unclear, seek A REAL JOB, I agree in part with the magazine, for some, have made millions, posting photos to ultimately he could post anyone, even if I had the economic possibilities that have them, I would travel and would buy in the best boutiques, then why would I also an influencer ..
Yes, because if these girls, who come from families lying, have begun to make their purchases a passion to share, most of them, at school wore designer clothes ..
I would like to turn to the magazine, saying, I have a real job, working in the restaurant business for 12 years, and I must say that my blog, some fashion a little food a little travel blogger, helps me relax, to distract me from what is my ordinary life, then, I agree, a real aiutarebbe work to get their fashion blogger, freelance in the category ..
Ok, now you tell me that is not possible, well to write, you write, I actually love writing, photos, photographers from small tubes, then, fashion bloggers, should get a job, but at the same time, who does it for hobbie, let them do, in fact you should do with them contracts, and partnerships ..

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