23 ottobre 2016


The Kardashian sisters are everywhere, magazines, events, nba games, and so on and so forth, this time to talk about if it is the third of the Kardashian sisters, Khloe, who in recent months, has found love ( with a nba player who left his pregnant girlfriend for her) and worked on his first fashion collection, denim, to be specific, perfect for all the curvy girls, cheers Khloe!
The collection was launched a few days ago, The girls soft and prosperous physical can purchase the products of the Good American on Nordstrom or on e-commerce brand, which will offer a range of sizes will range from 0 to 24 (about the size 56 or 58 nostrana) designed especially to facilitate an already difficult shopping for jeans for curvy girls. Good American will be launched on the market in three different models, with silhouette suitable for all types of women. The skinny take the name of "Good Legs", while the boyfriend style will be called "Good Cuts". The high-waisted jeans, we look so much enthusiasm, take the name of "Good Waist". AND NOW ALL GOING SHOPPING ONLINE ..

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