9 ottobre 2016


I read magazines for a lifetime, and every year, seeking ideas for the must, the season, so I decided to create my own list of must-have ..


For the season, autumn winter, my favorite colors are emerald green, burgundy, antique pink and midnight blue.

I have always loved velvet, I find him one of those tissues so elegant, regal, when I wore at school, at the end of 90 years, made fun of me, but now are back in fashion, in the velvet bell bottoms, so shut up stupid !

another must over the fabulous capes, I love the style jackets boyfriends college, I have bought in Zara store in NYC, the collection is called ESSENTIAL NEW YORK, was to buy all .. but I would have to buy the third suitcase..
regarding the makeup, and the glazes, this is the season of the extremely dark, or very bright, I love dark lipsticks, as the Bordeux, brown, and red fire, and no one here is better than Nyx cosmetics , has shades perfect for the season autumn / winter


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