26 ottobre 2016


Paulo coelho says, only makes a dream impossible, the fear of failure.
and it is true, because this is my dream has lasted 20 years, and I've always been afraid of not succeeding, fear of consequences, fear of posthumous rumors of others.
My dream is called America, more specifically, NewYork. twenty years that I love this city and after having seen 3 times Live, well I love her even more, I love the chaotic life of Newyork, my dream has always been to relocate this great and vast city, but for a reason or another I never managed to find the courage to see, get interested in this project .. the courage arrived now at 30 years, after a month and sixteen days ago, I left for the first time by myself to the Big Apple, my vacation, it was not just a vacation, I studied to live here, how they move New Yorkers, New Yorkers how they live, their habits in a week, have also become my own, I really wanted to live that holiday, not as a tourist, but like a true New Yorker. I wanted to start with live between the seventh and eighth avenue, time square height, I wanted to avoid tourist buses and I have always taken the taxi, my preferred mode of transportation? the subway, you see the real New York, one that runs with the hot coffee in one hand and in the other handheld.I have in my mind every single minute of that week, and just thinking I feel happy and serene, every problem that presents my life here, disappears.
Since I came back one fixed idea, to try to win the green card and move to New York, people who knew how, they continue to laugh at me saying there'll never make it, and that if anything were to win the green card, I can never find the mental strength to leave, and some even say that I will not make them ever to live alone, all these bad things once hurt me, and I would yield to the thought, but not today .. today the emotional strength and the will to finally do something for me, is helping me, I enrolled in the lottery for green card, I paid a fortune, and in the three thousand questions made by the operator who rang me, the thing that struck him was, my answer on: why New York? my English has improved and will improve more and more .. because that's what I want .. I want New York, and are Convita that if I can seriously commit to, no longer just a dream or a distant project, but something to be organized as soon as possible ..

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