23 ottobre 2016


it since I was a little girl, that friendship always give the soul, but not in exchange for anything, but because when I love, I give unconditionally, I know that is wrong, because in the end, no one loves you in this way, no one knows to love in this way, and maybe it's better ..Also become attached to human cases is wrong, because when you realize that a person looks in need of love, when you see that tender in people .. well then it is the end, the end because that person does not know precisely why, but go into your quotidianetà and destroys you, that a kind of tumor, because while you cling to hope and change to help this person, and you think, here has become more kind, gentle .. but no, actually uses all the love that you give to laugh at you, to use you, and then eventually come humiliated and put away so suddenly, so my friends, if you decide to affezionarvi to someone, do not give your soul, do not tell right away the word friend, because a true friend, it is ready to listen to you, to help you not only to have .. and do not do as I do that for years, have been duped, by people who pretended to be my friend.Why after so many false friends, you end up believing more in this feeling as strong as love, then open your eyes before you open your heart, and once you have had confirmation that the person will not betray, do not stab you, will not make you suffer, then you have found a friend .. and hang on to it, and it is not true that the friendship between man and woman can not exist .. because I had few friends, and the greatest of my friends were boys .., and you can turn into attraction in some cases, and more fortunate can say I'm in love with their best friend .. other hand a small wound in the heart but love remains the same ..

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