23 ottobre 2016


is a question I ask myself for so many years, virtually since its release in Italy Beverly hills 90210, television since they released the legendary Dylan, because we girls prefer bad boys? and answers are so many .. but I can not formulate them together, or better .. him the bad boys in question, has something in her eyes, and smile, that dissolve, ways of doing, gruff but wrapped sweets, that feel almost magic that makes impeccable everything they do .. their increasingly shabby chic style, the way they hold the phone, the way they drink a pint,and as we seek the love that's true, the perfect .. at the end we always encounter these damned bad boys, and if we had to choose, the first choice is always the bad guy guy, because love comes after the first .. is the attraction, is the first heartbeat, and believe me that is a real bad boys can let it get to feel ..

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