6 novembre 2016


Red lipstick, is one of the accessories that every woman should always have, because in addition to making sexy, gives that extra touch of glamor .. many stars use it, and many cosmetic homes, produce thousands of shades, there is the red fire, brick red, red jungle, shiny, matt lipstick .. but many times it is worn incorrectly, as they explain why hundreds of make up artist, if you decide to bet on red lipstick, eyes not to be rigged in so heavy, so I suggest you leave them bare, decorated with a mascara that makes the eyelashes, thick and curved, and also with regard to blush and contouring always recommend to go there to read ..
but who is better? blondes or brunettes? I think is good to all, just follow those small but basic rules, if you have thin lips, do not use the matt, but the liquid, in this case there are some beautiful red gloss, signed NYX cosmetics, costing only 7.90 € not bad, but also the Maybelline, it has created some pretty good girls .. so if you decide to make up your eyes with strong colors, please leave your lips nude color, instead if you love red lipstick like me .. just loaded lips not look vulgar ..

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