9 novembre 2016


Today in America won racism, hatred of women, gays, immigrants .. the new president of United States of America is the magnate Donald Trump, the man who with politics has nothing to do, one who has not paid taxes for years, the man who was going bankrupt, and that saved himself from bankruptcy by a hair.
The man who despises women, saying they are the cows .. the man who commodify the woman, he hates the Mexicans but if you go in his hotels are Mexicans paid not well in doing twice the work more then white Americans. . this post is not to talk about the new president of the United States, but for the most first female president. It is why Hillary Clinton could have been a great president, but the ghost of her husband, and her husband's politics, have made vulnerable, because in recent months, thanks to Obama that they flanked to 360 ° It managed to recover points of the campaign.
The battle of Hillary, is the battle that every woman, every day, makes .. at work, at home .. fight for their rights, and thanks to Michelle Obama, that supporting her, has been shown to be among the very, very few first lady with a big brain ..Women's rights, everything Trump, he put in last place of its priorities, and perhaps even has placed ..When this morning I woke up and saw that he had won Donald Trump, there have been terrible, because I believed, I believed in his victory, I believed in Hillary's victory, I wanted the nation that I love more than anything in the world, first woman president, I hoped that at last there was a woman at the head of a nation that has a say in almost all global decisions ..The speeches of Obama and Clinton after the defeat, they made me brought tears to my eyes, and I got the confirmation that we must not give up .. we have to believe in our dreams, and fight in the things we believe in. a little summary of the election campaign of Clinton
Hillary's campaign was based on the civil rights of all people that Trump has derided during his campaign.My dream, for me, and for my niece and tomorrow for my daughters is that of a world with a heart, a world where you give a chance to women to become someone, without having to say thank you to anyone. and one day I want to tell my nephew, my future daughters, that they must believe in their dreams and work to achieve them, because there have been women in the past, such as Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama who fought for this..My hope today is that in four years to apply both Michelle Obama, because I'm sure that she would have more chance of winning compared to Clinton .. and so america you will find with the first President woman of color .. for now we only hope will pass in time these four years, and that does not happen in tragedies during .. and be satisfied with a first lady ignorant ridiculous and vulgar ..

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