4 dicembre 2016

When the heart back to beating back the fear ..

My heart was always the prey of impossible love, of loves not reciprocated, fake friendships, and convenience, after yet another disappointment I decided that my heart would no longer suffered for anyone, as I put in a casket. . without throwing the key, almost like to hope that sooner or later the true love, true friendships would come, it is difficult to explain these things, it's hard to be understood; it is difficult to accept the disappointments and get up every time, and go on day after day, sometimes even having to see every day those people, a kind of heart bullying, you know, it sounds bad .. but when you smile at those circumstance first he wanted to become your friend, and then give him the soul, think that finally is going to happen what you hope, that he feels the same things that you try, and then poof .. disappears into thin air, and then if this happens to you several times .. well then, beyond the absurd bad luck to meet people horrendous, you decide that it's time to say stop, stop, suffering, stop the people who take advantage of your kindness .. then one day you know people who look different , people today are for me the only good thing of life change did a year ago, he found a smile, enthusiasm, having had the opportunity to re-evaluate a person, hated the fault of others, and now He is my best friend,so I am glad, I gave myself a chance to give a chance to me and also to the people around me, the happiness found, did return to my heart beat, and the fear is there, but falling back this time I know that I will not hurt, I know that this time if I fall, there will be some wonderful people to heal my wounds ..

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