8 gennaio 2017


I am an avid runner in fashion since I was nothing short of a little girl, I have always followed all the advice you could give the magazines before, and the Web sites after, and I came to the conclusion to write my 5 basic rules to be fashion victims.

Take some of his shirt, maybe to pair of skinny jeans and a satin top, the shirt together with a belt, might give that glam touch that serves to your outfit, or a day off you do not want to put you in shooting to go buy milk and magazines? well leggings and felpona of your boyfriend, raised with bunny hair disheveled and goggles, it will make a little diva.

I hate people who tell me no Mary, I dressed in blue but no I do shoe bag to match them .. crap! What fashion teaches us is to dare, and dare you .. you dressed in black? matching shoes with bright colors, or a bag of bright color like pink or red ..


Especially if like me, you are generous size, fashion does not mean vulgar, and wrapped a glimpse of a bra that comes out of a neckline of course unwittingly, it makes sexy.


Come on, we work almost always at least 6 hours a day standing, even more .. I can not wear high heels every day,otherwise we will become all corners like the hunchback of Notre Dame, because nobody tells us the after-effects in old age of wearing high heels, of course, if you weigh 30 kg, hardly such a thing happens to you, but if you put a few pounds more and some large curve .. well my dears get ready for the worst ..

Whatever you decide to wear, any combination, makeup or hairstyle, feel free to be who you are, because fashion that, but then it is up to us to understand what we want to be, and know that whatever you wear, if you do it with pride, then you will always be beautiful, because the beauty of a woman is in her feel good about herself.


I am a fanatic of makeup, I buy many, many times I happen to have the same shade of lipstick, but of different brands. In addition to buy as much the new technical study, the make up artist most influential, in fact I love the contouring technique, strobbing and other .., on my first trip to NYC, in 2013, before returning home, I passed in one of those pharmacy shops, selling everything from household goods to food, and medicines to toys .. very known is Duane Reade, I was in the cosmetics department, and in addition to notice the economic differences of the products that they sell in Italy, such as those of L'Oreal, I discovered two new brands, which in Italy are not found, one is BlackOpal, created especially for girls of color and olive complexion, and since I am in this category, I still remember having bought 4 lipsticks and lip gloss, and many colorful ompretti, really beautiful; Then I came across the product of nyx cosmetics, and out of curiosity I bought two foundation, a lipstick and blush .. from that day are crazy about those products, pity that in Italy, these products were not in sale, and for a while I have entrusted to a US website that only selling beauty products, and made expeditions all over the world, and last year the miracle, opening in Milan, the first store, for me a dream come true .. and a nightmare for my wallet .. you because every time I go into the store, well it is madness ..
However, having followed the brand from the first Giono, I learned the techniques to real makeup artist, so I started to buy the right products, including the illuminator, you need to give light after applying contouring or strobing, I tried the stick, the liquid, but the last came in my box, this compact, is nothing short of fabulous, I apply it on the top of the cheekbones, the tip of the nose, and chin, gives the makeup created a twist Furthermore, a touch of glamor, to be missed!

1 gennaio 2017


The new year began, unfortunately not perfectly, see the latest attack in Turkey, and is I think the good intentions .. my good intentions, at midnight last night I tried to make light in my mind, I tried to figure out what was wrong with me, what you really, really love what I try, and what I really need, and I came to the conclusion that I have to force myself to love only the people who love me, just the people that really matter. Although I have thirty years, and are close to thirty-one, I'm still a dreamer, and in my life I dream about it more than anything in the world, the thing I love more than anything else, is to travel, to discover the world. . and 2017 will be the year of the great journeys of discovery and return ..I want to feel free even with a job that takes the soul, such as the restaurant, I want to strengthen the friendships that brought me in 2016, and make new friends .. I want I could wake up happy or almost every day, I want to see and make my family happy, and overcome every problem with a simple "pass" ..
I want to turn on the TV, synchronize the news and not always just to hear bad news, I do not want to see other attacks and wars that kill innocent people, and I do not want to see children die at the hands of cruel people ..
I want this in 2017, is a peaceful and happy year for all ..


I talked about love so many times, about unmatched love, I talked about friendship .. how lucky I am to have found wonderful people, and ho...