8 gennaio 2017


I am a fanatic of makeup, I buy many, many times I happen to have the same shade of lipstick, but of different brands. In addition to buy as much the new technical study, the make up artist most influential, in fact I love the contouring technique, strobbing and other .., on my first trip to NYC, in 2013, before returning home, I passed in one of those pharmacy shops, selling everything from household goods to food, and medicines to toys .. very known is Duane Reade, I was in the cosmetics department, and in addition to notice the economic differences of the products that they sell in Italy, such as those of L'Oreal, I discovered two new brands, which in Italy are not found, one is BlackOpal, created especially for girls of color and olive complexion, and since I am in this category, I still remember having bought 4 lipsticks and lip gloss, and many colorful ompretti, really beautiful; Then I came across the product of nyx cosmetics, and out of curiosity I bought two foundation, a lipstick and blush .. from that day are crazy about those products, pity that in Italy, these products were not in sale, and for a while I have entrusted to a US website that only selling beauty products, and made expeditions all over the world, and last year the miracle, opening in Milan, the first store, for me a dream come true .. and a nightmare for my wallet .. you because every time I go into the store, well it is madness ..
However, having followed the brand from the first Giono, I learned the techniques to real makeup artist, so I started to buy the right products, including the illuminator, you need to give light after applying contouring or strobing, I tried the stick, the liquid, but the last came in my box, this compact, is nothing short of fabulous, I apply it on the top of the cheekbones, the tip of the nose, and chin, gives the makeup created a twist Furthermore, a touch of glamor, to be missed!

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