27 febbraio 2017


EVERYTHING! it is true .. I loved everything about this week's women's fashion, the collections for autumn / winter 2017-18.

The colors, the cuts, the signal sent by the designers, guests .. this Milan fashion week, is second only to that of New York.
And this from Italian, makes me almost proud, this year I lived even closer, rushing out to the theater halls and museums where they carried out the parades, and I must say that I like, stay there waiting models, journalists, actresses, see how they are dressed, to see their outfits and ask how they are dressed, who is the designer .. and they always answer them .. I did in New York in September, and I liked it, and I wanted to do in Milan .. and now remains one of my little obsessions, returning to talk of fashion week, or chosen for each fashion show followed online, a model, my favorite, and I'll describe them what I knew of the collections presented, and what I liked ..


Gucci, which as a big name, opened the fashion week, I liked above all the fact that there was Tom Hiddleston among the guests .. (the eye wants its part and with him both)
The collection I liked very much the inspiration to the 80 'the glitter, bright colors, purple velvet, the dress worn by the model with blonde wig Dolly Parton-style, a true legend!


Alberta Ferretti, has always been one of my favorite designers, and just finished the work, I ran at the Rotonda della Besana, where there is a beautiful museum, collected in the green, there were many photographers, paparazzi, models, see if only from a distance, the beautiful sisters Hadid, well it means so much to those who love fashion, because these two girls age of just slightly over 20 .. are the most popular models of the moment, and both are creating a great empire, now all the big names they want them, and so also Alberta Ferretti ..
Unfortunately I could not follow closely the beautiful walkway made of beautiful clothes, then fitted with a tablet, and expecting them to come out all the theater, I followed online on the website of the fashion room, I could see the magneficenza of those clothes .. i colors, fabrics, capes, hats, which many recalled the reference to monastic hats .. Young Pope Jude Law .. the velvet cloaks, the beautiful colors from red to yellow ..ecco some of the look.


Fausto Puglisi, for him the watchword has always been sensuality, this collection, autumn / winter 2017 shows colors such as black and red, but also pastel colors such as lilac, and neutrals like white. The garters exposed, make mini skirts, very 80s 'style, and this confirms that the coming winter, will be inspired by the 80'



Put a gloomy February morning, thinking about what you might wear on a morning like this, and then you log on the website of the fashion chamber, and the parade starts at 9.30 of max mara, color, color and more color, that's what I know immediately this parade, clean lines refined cuts, the collection of Max Mara I like, just because classical and elegant ..


Who loves fashion, is okay with me, the thing that expects more of all is the collection designed by Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi, is because since the Roman brand created by Fendi sisters, was put in the hands of King Karl, that everything he touches turns to gold .. well then, his shows have become the coolest event of MFW, and well put that on the catwalk always has the top model of the moment, it just has to enjoy it, and it is spectacular the collection this year with stylish clothes sexy but never vulgar .. I love red velvet boots really divine!

19 febbraio 2017


February, the fashionistas, not only brings to mind Valentine's Day, but also, and above all .. fashion week, you always start from New York, and like every year, the city at this time and immersed in the snow and cold but this does not stop the fashion victim, and throughout the fashion world.

One thing is certain, if you've never been to New York, you should definitely visit their durations fashion week, I did it in September, and it was fabulous, however, this year to open the dances, for presentations of the collections autumn / winter, February 9 we thought, Nicholas k, Michael Costello, The Pearl and Rag & Bone ..

Below is the schedule:

I noticed from the first shows, that many were inspired by the velvet, so as this winter, it is assumed that it will be great protagonist for next winter.

Among the predominant colors I noticed that there are black gold and purple, but as always you can see all the colors a bit ..

I fell for some looks from Ralph Lauren, the parade of Christian Siriano, has impassioned me so much, I loved the fact that as a Syrian, many fashion designers, including Michael Kors all, they used Curvy Models for the fashion shows .. I loved also the parade of Alicia + Olivia ..
The bohemian style of the 30s Marc Jacobs .. elegance of Oscar De La Renta .. the 90s Anna Sui .. all NYFW was extraordinary .. and waiting to find out the Fashion Week in London .. here is the look that I liked more ..

1 febbraio 2017


In 1886, the Statue of Liberty was born, Liberty Island, looking out over Ellis Island, was put them, as a welcome to all who were in the United States, to create a future, for a better future for their children , and also for yourself .. and after 137, after years of fighting for their rights, after years of defeat discrimanazioni, after years of struggle, finally beginning to see glimmers of light, when the Americans still wonder why they voted as 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, an arrogant man, a racist man, using women as objects, which criticizes all .. who does not want Mexicans and decides to build a wall, and then wants to pay for it are the Mexicans themselves .. a man who wants to close the borders to all Muslims and refugees, because dangerous beings, because it could threaten america salvation.
Now I have to ask Mr. Trump .. you know how many former refugees, many Muslims work and make a bunch everyday also working 14/16 hours a day? you know how many doctors, policemen, firemen, are children of immigrants? the worst thing is that you know .. but you do not care .. because of capitalist exploiter that you are .. you used and exploited the desire to work of thousands of people, to become big and famous your hotels .. your towers, and now? You gave a terrorist to all Muslims, it is like saying that Italians are all mobsters and the British all ugly .. or that the Germans are all children of Hitler .. you're just a racist, that does not deserve to be where you are .. I always loved the united states, do not wait to return to Newyork, I can not wait to visit Boston and Chicago, but the idea that you are destroying what are the United States, what for me is the nation's beautiful in the world .. it makes me wait makes me think that maybe looks four years to come back .. I always loved the united states, do not wait to return to Newyork, I can not wait to visit Boston and Chicago, but the idea that you are destroying what are the United States, what for me is the nation's beautiful in the world .. it makes me wait makes me think that maybe looks four years to come back ..


PASSWORD: fur, obviously ecological, but of any color, and in any form, this is a wonderful yellow coat long coat, a fuchsia fur coat, sabo...