25 marzo 2017


In my life, I never had many friends, and after many disappointments, I was convinced that I surround myself with friends, it was crazy, because no one could love each other .. Then 2016 brought me two rays of sunshine in my life, two very special friends, without whom i would not be who i am now, because you friends, real ones, friends the sincere ones, giving new life to you, you give back the harmony, one that few can give you .. and considering that a few hours ago I was disgraced all, for my usual temper from nosy .. for my being tremendously feminist ... I realized that to make a friendship with a guy .. we must observe the basic rules:

1: YOU CAN BE A FRIEND OF MALE, provided that this does not feel any kind of feeling besides the emotional well.

2: you are a woman and he man, so you can never and I say never, it is impossible to be the same

3: trust the advice of your friends, because sometimes the boys know better also give tips for women, because they direct ..

4: NEVER not cross the line, let them make their mistakes fucking .. you'll have to be after them, to remind him of shit done.

5: do not overdo it with make-law. It not always is made with fun.

personal note: believe me unless you want to lose people you love, you risk falling into a grueling depression. And above all .. you have the guts to say sorry .. hoping to be forgiven.

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