25 marzo 2017

If traveling alone I am unlucky?

A few days ago, at work I spoke of my next trip to Paris .. I was thrilled, until a girl of 20 years, ask me .. but travels alone? what a sad thing..
What do you say???
I must admit that for a moment, his compassion, put me sad .. Then I came back to me .. I love to travel alone, I love to visit the city, see the museums, stop listening to the noise of the city .. I love be alone, find myself again .. listen to my thoughts, to understand what i want and what i feel .. it's the most beautiful thing in the world.
So I'm wondering why their twenties than now .. see us thirties so pitiful .. because so many twentysomethings, see life in a superficial way, and allow us to judge their thirties .. oh well I will reflect on this thing a few weeks the streets Paris..

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