30 aprile 2017


The 90s were not perhaps the best decade for fashion, it just remembers the looks of Gery Emma Mel and company .. the 90's ... but how every decade that respects are back in vogue .. and fortunately it wants only The "best" and much is revisited .. I did a research, between old magazines, google and other people's opinions and the result was this:

TOP CROP : top shorts, colorful, short sleeves, with braces, with shoulders outside ..

MOM JEANS: the 80's jeans, which used our moms, high waist, revisited with a laugh, I remember when I was wearing them at Beverly Hills 90210 actresses.

little dresses: in the 90's, they were the must have par excellence, it was nice to wear them with a white or black tshirt under .. and these I think are the true must return of fashion this year ..

DENIM OVERALLS: Denim overalls were born long before the 90's, they had a boom in the 70's ... and then they went back to fashion in the 90's, they had a real success ... and in fact their practicality made them comfortable too to wear..

MAXI SKIRT: The maxi skirt had a mega success in the nineties, I had a green velvet bottle, and one of jeans, really beautiful when worn with t-shirts

COLLAR NECKLACES: I had fifty of all colors of elastic plastic, velvet, red yellow black reds, all sorts of my obsession .. and it's nice to see they are back ..

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