16 aprile 2017


Last night, I asked a question .. what is love?
When we do meet the love? and we can have many loves in our lives?
To the first question, I almost immediately found the answer, love is when you're surrounded by people you love unconditionally, and with which you feel happy, my niece, my best friends, my family .. love is air, travel example, is one of the things I love most to do, and I always try to travel as much as I can, be close to my niece step by step in its growth, help it grow, to have found someone with whom to share the joys, I have found someone able to give me the smile without making a joke, this is love ..
The second question, it is already a little more complicated, because once I was sure when I met the love, instead I now suspect that I've never actually met, or perhaps the only love that I've encountered is what ran away after I declared to him .. the fact is, that when I met the guy with red hair and green eyes, at first I thought I had found love .. .. but soon after I began to think that it was him, but my little accountant, and then the bartender who always made me caps with little hearts, and said I was her best friend, I always thought that in all these occasions I met the love but it was not love, it was just needed, it was infatuation, was the desire to be loved .. then he turned into persecution mania for me, and exploitation of situations for them. One thing is certain, that when I realized that for me there was no hope, broke the thread that held me together with those people, they went on in their lives, and I found myself having to rebuild my broken heart ..
To the third question, I am reminded of an episode of Sex and city when Charlotte tells Carrie, I have read an article where the dentist was written that the world we are entitled only two loves, and Carrie, said well then when I die say here lies Carrie had two loves and hundreds of shoes .. I wonder how many loves me so we can have .. I think I've really fallen in love twice already, and maybe even if it is difficult to admit I'm falling a third time .. but it's always been unrequited love is the same?
This is a subject on which I am working .. well for 30 years myself, even two months with the blog ..

stay tuned

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