30 aprile 2017


Countdown for my birthday started, in a month from now, the lifeboat will mark 31, 31 years, a year more, the baggage of life ever fuller, a year less, to meet one of the My biggest dreams, maternity .. one of the benefits of becoming an adult is to understand the things you want, the things that you want, and that you do not want .. and besides wanting to turn the world, the only one My unfulfilled desire is that of maternity .. that on the arrival of birthday is increasing more and more ... maybe because at every birthday I feel the passage of time .. and the available time decreasing , Tic tac, my friend, really exists, and you always hear it on the day of birthday, because that day is used to remind you that hey .. you set a date, the 35 years come close .. and if nobody comes? And if then when will the time come, there will be no chance? If it does not come to us? And restarts the tic-tac .
But fear begins with fear, a failure almost prescribed. Because I already wear the bankruptcy sign on my shoulders for never being fiancée .. and now that I already have eyes pointed at to understand what I'm going to do (as if I had 80 years old) the idea that another year is passing on my shoulders .. it makes me afraid .. when people ask me how do I look at 40 years .. I start to select the possible answers and not vulgar .. and the " The only thing I can say is ... not here! So now I will live, these 31 days, with the anxiety of what they will ask me? What will I think? And I love it when I can fly away so I do not have to hear anyone saying greeting me you're getting old ..

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